Work from home. One of the most essential topics of the month. Such a change spontaneously came for many of us and has become a big challenge, but perhaps the covid-19 can show us all a different way to grow and develop a business.

Looking at the global experience in the present situation, it seems a bit chaotic. For us, it is an absolute comfort with no surprises. We were fully remote way before the current crisis.

Artem Kupriyanenko, the CEO&Founder of Omegarender, chose the remote mode at the start of the company as the model for team building. And we know firsthand that the conscious remote work model is a choice that brings profitable results and balance.

Despite the fact that most companies are forced to accept the remote model of work and must create conditions for business development in a crisis situation, it’s still possible to bring awareness to the current processes.

Remote has become our main mode of operation for many reasons. We want to share our experience with you and show you the benefits and opportunities you can achieve in the current situation:

  • Since we are not confined to any office or specific location, we’re comfortable hiring talented people remotely from across the world. We’re flexible, not only for our clients but also for our future talented employees, since we don’t want to lose out on this large skill set.

  • No need to rent the space. This is also a fairly convenient and practical way to reduce the company's expenses. This is especially relevant for countries where the cost of renting office space exceeds 10% of the company’s monthly income. In this case, one of the solutions may be a renting a smaller office space where your employees can alternate between the WFH (work from home) and office modes.
  • Time difference and no borders. Due to the fact that we work remotely, we don't have a fixed work schedule. We are free to choose our comfortable working hours. This allows us to work with the whole world and adjust to the client's work schedule. Thanks to this, we set aside part of the day for communication with the client regarding clarification of all conditions and comments. The implementation we are able to  leave for the period when the client is asleep. Thus, by the following morning, we already have the work completed, which the client can then evaluate and request corrections.
  • We’re always ready at the touch of a button. Our uniqueness manifests itself through our remote business model. We are always one click away from the client and ready for any action that is necessary for the effective interaction between us and our clients.

Despite the fact that many were skeptical of our work methods, we grew tenfold. And growth didn’t complicate this situation; in fact, it  helped us to improve our control and management tools, making us even more cohesive. The culture stayed solid even through this period of rapid growth.

And at the top of this, we want to explain the following:

Look at it not from a critical perspective, but from the point where you can benefit from this whole situation, and bring much more balance and risk-free development to your business.

Finally, we would like to share the thoughts of our Leaders and Project Managers, who we asked for a short comment on our business model:

Julia Zamelatskaya
Head of PM

"A conscious team is the key to success! When you achieve a goal, which once seemed to be unrealistic online, without the supervision of directors or senior colleagues - you understand that the flow of energy that creates a team spread across the globe can not be stopped.

I think the world will never be the same again, so I wish all companies such teams and a successful transition to a new era."

Veronica Volovik
Project Manager 

"Starting your day with a remote work schedule, make sure that your day begins with a smile, a delicious drink (tea or coffee), charged with energy and warm words for loved ones. In the evening, you should tidy up your desk. That will give you the right energy to start work in the morning in a pleasant atmosphere. Turn on music for a productive day, talk to the whole team, exchange emotions, and start an effective day. Don't forget that every part of your team is waiting for pleasant words, smiles, possible solutions to some problems and issues. Synergy is essential in remote work, and you can create it by yourself."

We will be happy to talk in more detail about how we handle processes, what our working structure consists of, and how we can create projects for clients from anywhere in the world. Without delays, without discomfort, and with full commitment.

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Photo credit / Reuters Jeenah Moon

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