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Product modeling and product rendering services

Product rendering is a commonly used to express design features, textures and surfaces of various objects. 3d product modeling agency receives drawings or sketches of the future product from the customer and starts diligent work on the model, as a result you receive a 3d model of a product where you will see it at different angles. You’re able to look at geometry of a product and check if it works correctly, the presence of a model allows you to render it. To create an image with an overlaid textures. It will allow to consider how such object will look like in the reality. Rendering is especially popular for furniture manufacturers.

3d modeling service displays all the specifics of the product from different angles and in the section. It describes what parts it consists of and if necessary functionality could be shown in the animation.

Where is 3d product modeling service used?

The purpose of the photorealistic product modeling covers almost all existing spheres. We will list some of the most popular industries:

  • engineering;
  • furniture production;
  • jewellery design;
  • windows; doors production;
  • decoration design;
  • sculpture;
  • lighting production;
  • abstract element;
  • medical illustration;

It is difficult to overestimate the importance of product rendering. For such areas as engineering, 3d services save the major part of the budget and secure future processes. Companies are paying for parts that cost up to a few hundred times of annual salary. 3d product rendering services can help to understand how the detail will behave at different stages of work. And it applies to industries other than engineering. Developers are able make adjustments before the item is ever created, leading to better understanding of its functionality.

Stages of work for 3d modeling and rendering in product modeling agency

Product modeling services including the following types of services and stages of development that the customer can order:

  • Technical drawings
  • 3D models
  • Animation
  • Prototype design analysis

In general, the stages of work are able to differ considerably in each area. Engineers provide the visualization team with accurate model data, drawings, specific quantification and measurement characteristics in the initial stages. Which the team follows and creates an exact copy of the input information that was displayed in the drawings.

We would like to describe you the creation process based on a few examples from our experience. 

Description of the process will allow you to better understand how 3d product visualization works and how formed the cost of 3d product rendering, how much time should be spent on creating photorealistic product rendering.

The process of model creation for the armchair.

For this type of work we receive the following Input information: photo reference and overall dimensions of the product. In this case, we’re asking for the following information about additional dimensions: the height and depth of the seat, the height of the armrest, the thickness of the legs.

We create a dimensional box according to the size we received from the client. Most often we work with 3d max product modeling, but we also use other programs.

Focusing on the photo, we create a rough form. It’s very important to predict the type and position of future seams of the product at this stage. Also, it’s important to observe the dimensions and proportions of elements.

Next, we apply one iteration of smoothing to the model, which gives the geometry a more sleek shape and increases the number of polygons, which allows you to start more detailed work on smaller parts (seams, folds, etc.).

Consequently, we make the final iteration of the model smoothing and add the legs to our future chair.

Low-polygonal modeling of the medical equipment.

Sometimes there are tasks that don’t require high detail and a large number of polygons of the model. For example, when the object will be located at long distance from the camera and, roughly speaking, it’s important to show just it’s silhouette. At the same time, it’s important to make the model low-polygonal so that it doesn’t overload the scene and doesn’t affect the convenience of working with it.

In the case of decor and design of furniture or lights, there is also some background information that the team should follow. Visualisers are also able to provide suggestions and opinions on the better angles and textures of the models. After the model is created, the customer can see the finished model and make adjustments and change some details before the model is rendered.

In case the customer needs to show the work of his product, he can initially provide the model in SketchUp. We’re as a product modeling agency will take this model and integrate it into the video, displaying its characteristics in action. For this purpose, the customer provides his vision on the scenario and the desired camera angles. 3d modeling studio and the client collect their best ideas for presentation and create a full-fledged vision for the implementation of animation.

In our 3d studio we practice online regulation of camera angles. Project manager, technical specialist and client making a video-call in real time to discuss all the crucial points. With the help of screen demonstration they regulate and set up all necessary animation points.

Product modeling services in Omega Render

We have extensive experience working with a large number of developers, designers, furniture manufacturers, lighting and appliances. In the case of the first type of product modeling, we understand that in this case, the accuracy and speed of complex designs is important. After all, customers often have a wide range of components and each of them needs accurate performance and improvements and corrections of the original characteristics.

In the case of decoration, furniture and lighting we provide not only the photorealistic product rendering, but also the right environment for the interior. We can choose the interior and exterior of the room based on the design and specificity of the product. Also in most cases we recreate the desired environment based on the preferences of the client.

We always accurately convey the realism of textures. Whether it's a specific metal or a velour coating on a chair. We have a huge internal base of textures and finishes, which helps to convey the characteristics of the rarest materials.

The terms of implementation depend on the size of the project. With simple products, such as furniture, windows, doors, we handle in a few days to produce a ready-made realistic 3d model and then begin the stages of adjustments by the client. To find out how much time it will take - leave the request on this page.
3d product rendering cost depends on the input materials and complexity of the input information.

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