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Aerial tasks are the most challenging 3D exterior renderers encountered as we work with huge scenes (in terms of the environment) and massive objects. Artists have to deal with lighting issues, work with large visualization sizes which requires powerful computers. Aerial views always must be done in high resolution in order to make close-ups without losing quality when zooming in. Despite the fact that the angle is supposedly distant, this does not mean that proper attention is not paid to detail. On the contrary, all the objects should be carefully elaborated. 

3D aerial view rendering service is one of the subtypes of architectural exterior visualization. It’s a specific position of the camera that shows the object and its surroundings from above. Depending on the location, this view can be called a helicopter or bird view, but historically it is usually called an aerial view. 

This type of visualization is necessary, for instance, to show mass building and residential complexes. It can be especially useful for real estate agencies when showing development properties of entire districts. Moreover, aerial view rendering is relevant when rendering studio works with skyscrapers. It is quite difficult to show the whole height of a skyscraper through a human view. Therefore, it is essential to move the camera as far as possible. Then, we should not forget that such angles can show how the object can fit in the architecture of its surroundings. It can be either the architectural component of the city itself or some kind of landscape environment. For example, during the construction of a villa in some picturesque places, an aerial view can be used in order to show what the landscape design will look like.

An aerial 3D rendering also has an intermediate state: semi-aerial or superman view. What is the difference? In a common aerial view the angle is clearly focused downward with little capture of the horizon, but the frame is very wide due to the high height at which the camera is located. When it concerns a semi-aerial view the camera is located below, but the view itself is stretched by the fact that objects of the environment are included in the image. In other words, the camera is not directed so abruptly down and the frame is wider and has much more volume


3D aerial view rendering services 

It is worth mentioning that this type of architectural and exterior visualization is quite specific and, therefore,many studios consider it as a special subtype of services. 

When referring to the studio's ability to render exteriors, clients pay special attention to the aerial view rendering in order to understand the readiness and ability of the studio to work with such scales.If we speak about the level of aerial view artists in our studio, only seniors are involved because they have high technical level and a sense of art as well as they can feel the atmosphere the client would like create. This is the main reason why professional artists and teams are assigned for such tasks as aerial view in rendering studios.

You can find aerial 3D rendering in the form of static visualization images as well as in animation. In this case, the camera will move not only along the human view position but mostly fly over the entire object and go up. This is a terrific feature of visualization as it is no worse than any drone and demonstrates the object from the best side.


Advantages Omega as an aerial view rendering studio

  • A dedicated team of aerial exterior artists one of key advantage of 3D aerial view rendering services in Omega. 

  • Omegarender has a huge portfolio of the works aerial visualization. That's why our clients are absolutely sure that we can work with different objects, scales, styles, atmospheres satisfying any needs.

  • Our workflow allows client to change or test the model at the visualization level, in other words, to see how a particular architectural or landscape solution is the best. In addition, it allows to make both a vivid picture and a balanced approach to the very essence of the project.

  • A highly professional team. Every artist will be certainly specialized in exteriors and accompanied with a group of modelers, a project manager and an art director. The start of a project always begins with the business development department, which helps to define the task and work out the necessary requirements for designers and their managers. 

  • Excellent technical capacities so that we could create a scene of any size. That is why we do not get stuck at stages when the scene with numerous objects demands additional preparation. We can adapt the client's model from high poly state to low poly model or reverse, just to have an excellent quality of the rendering. We can provide the client with an optimized model that doesn’t require a powerful computer for removing undesirable elements if needed.

  • Work with tight deadlines. Since we have a big team of professionals, we complete the project in the shortest possible time. The usual project timeline for Omega is 14-21 calendar days, but we are always attentive to the client's wishes in terms of deadlines.

  • Finally, our aerial view rendering studio works with the giants of the architecture industry such as Gensler, BIG, Perkins & Will, Zaha Hadid, OBMI, Rockwell Design Group, Soultreebrands, Perkins Eastman, Apex, Mecanoo, Brigil, Wesgroup and many other great companies. Our client's trust and our cooperation are one of the most transparent indicators of quality. If these companies rely on Omega, you can surely entrust your project to us.


Our standard workflow on 3D aerial view rendering services

  1. Before we start the work on aerial 3D rendering, our project manager discusses with the client all the details, such as facade texture, camera placement, surroundings, landscape, light, atmosphere, etc.

  2. After collecting all the necessary data, our 3D artists start working. At this stage, we clarify how many rounds of revision will be needed.

  3. First, the client’ll get a clay render — white material preview of your aerial view rendering without texture and color.

  4. Having received the first corrections from the client and made all the necessary changes, we present first color images of 1600px.

  5. Then the client makes adjustments in aerial 3D rendering the total amount of which can come up to 20% maximum. The client needs to describe wishes as precisely as possible in order to avoid lots of changes in the image.

  6. We make the second color session of changes to completely satisfy the needs of the client .

  7. Finally, the client gets final high-quality 5000px aerial view visualizations!


Prices of aerial view rendering

Each visualization is unique and the aerial view rendering studio estimates it depending on the available materials from the clients and on the basis of the complexity of the object. It's not a secret that aerial 3D rendering is one of the most expensive types of visualization, but we always try to find a compromise solution. The cost of 3D aerial view rendering services will be based on the following:

  • the scale of the key object;
  • the complexity of architecture and surroundings;
  • the number of revisions our aerial view rendering studio will work with. In other words, we show the client more than one preview. The standard is one clay render and two previews in color and the client's revisions. But the reduction or the addition of a stage will also effect on the cost;
  • the cost may also change due to the delivery dates. Our team is ready to work on weekends when it comes to urgent competition projects. In such cases, the client pays an extra charge for overtime work and additional artists involved to speed up the work process.

We would like to add that no matter what aerial view needs to be visualized - a villa, a skyscraper, a residential complex or a commercial building - the price will be very specific for each type of architectural building. It means that we give an estimate for this type of visualization relying on the inputs, since the price bracket is very high and it is necessary to understand the client's request from the very beginning.

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