3D Architectural Modeling Services

Our architectural 3d models are a powerful foundation for incredible visualizations.

Architectural 3d modeling services

Architectural 3d modeling is the process of creating three-dimensional images from which the architectural and design presentations. It’s a basis in architecture as each animation and visualization starts from producing an architectural 3d modeling. Used it was 2d drawings and drafts that helped the architects, designers, and contractors plan, design, and visualize the project. But with the advance of software and technology, architectural 3d modeling services now play the leading role in the visualization of any kind.
3D building modeling is applied in subsequent visualization, as well as in BIM. 3d model shows each detail of the building design and its infrastructure is accurately showcased, and it’s a great way to evaluate different design options and choose the best one.
Services of architectural 3d modeling are in widespread use by architects, building contractors and designers.


3D Architectural modeling services

Omega Render studio offers you an unmatched service of 3d architectural modeling for your project of any building type. We ensure that based on our drafters we deliver high-poly 3d models that appeal to all your needs in visualizations.
Unlike 3d product modeling, in architectural high-poly objects are not applied and emphasis is on the compliance of overall dimensions and proportions, performance precision of medium-sized objects like doors, windows, banisters, floor moldings, and cornices. Besides, the correct development of tiny objects that should be sufficiently elaborated for remote angle is of key importance. Not to sophisticate the scene, there shouldn’t be too many polygons.


Types of architectural 3d modeling in Omega Render

In Omega Render, we deal with all kinds of visualizations for both interior and exterior architectural modeling.

Interior architectural 3d modeling

Interior modeling falls into two main categories: residential buildings and commercial ones. Residential real estate includes one-family houses, villas, bungalows, townhouses, co-op, apartments, etc. Commercial buildings that are most frequently 3d modeled are offices, hotels, schools, museums, shopping malls, restaurants, resorts, educational institutions, cinemas, and industrial complexes.
In interior 3d modeling, it’s significant to illustrate not only doors, windows, walls, furniture, but also the colors, textures, finishes, and lighting of the space.
The advantage of using architectural modeling in the interior is that it simplifies the design process and gives the potential client the chance to choose the best option of design they need.

Exterior 3d modeling

The same as in interior 3d modeling, exterior modeling visualizes all types of buildings, be it residential or commercial ones. 3D modeling helps showcase not only the textures, front elevation, materials but also landscaping, street views, and environment that surrounds the real estate. Before starting working on the project, the contractors, designers, and architects can overview how the greenery, sidewalks, roads, and neighboring houses match the exterior model.

We divide the projects not only according to the types but to the buildings’ scale as well. The bigger the property is and the more details it contains, the more complicated work will be.


The workflow of 3d architectural modeling services in Omega Render

Below you can get acquainted with the main steps in producing architectural 3d models in Omega Render company:
First, we gather all necessary information from the client - drafts, drawings, physical dimensions of the future project.
Our drafters start the work on the architectural form of the building or interior space according to the overall dimensions of the building.
Then we produce floor slabs and inner walls, make apertures for doors and windows. The balconies, columns, and additional architectural elements are also added at this stage. It’s important to detect errors at this stage if there are such.
On making or not making some corrections and modifications by the client, we assemble the medium-scale elements: doors, balcony handrails, partitions, and marks.
In a subsequent stage, the artists add the furniture, decor, and light fixtures in the interiors. In exteriors, we create a landscape broken down by objects and materials (footpaths, lawns, streets, and trees).
Ultimately, we provide the client with a highly detailed photorealistic 3d model.


The price of architectural modeling

Talking about the quote of architectural 3d modeling, we should, at first, know the scale of the project, the number of details and, the environment. To make a 3d model of the architectural building may take 3-10days.


Reasons to choose services of architectural 3d modeling:

3D modeling can simplify the building process as the architects can oversee all errors and preview the design.

Architectural modeling can speed up the architectural design process thanks to esthetical three-dimensional images so that the designers can see the project in all its beauty.
3D architectural models enhance the marketing value as the clients prefer to look at the compelling visuals rather than at dull inexpressive 2d drawings.
3D models are highly realistic, and each smallest detail is taken into consideration by the drafters.
Architectural modeling is time-saving, and the turnaround time of their production is short.
Thanks to 3d modeling, the designers and architects can speak the ideas, and their impact on the overall project is inestimable.

Omega Render visualization company has expertise in architectural 3d modeling of any building type and any scale. Thanks to our modern software and the expert team we offer custom modeling services of premium quality. If you are ready to start working with us - please contact us via email at info@omegarender.studio or fill in the form below. We are looking forward to starting the work on your architectural 3d modeling.


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