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The skill of imaging is to create amazing stories even with a single subject, to capture attention and fall in love with the right frame. This is all about 3d furniture rendering services in Omegarender.

3D furniture visualizatin at Omegarender

Some highlights about our wort at this field

  • Along with an excellent team, short deadlines and reasonable prices, we offer you well-structured production. We have special managers who have deep experience in area furniture visualization.
  • We have a pool of valued clients in this area whom we work with in absolutely different spheres. We work with Modloft, Zauben (one of the winners of Time's 100 Best Inventions), Duracein, Comfort Pedic, Kova, Zuri Furniture, Milk Street Baby, Clea and many others great companies.
  • An excellent level of expertise allows us to be on top and always ready for absolutely any task. No case can get us stuck as we have dealt with practically all kinds of tasks related to 3d furniture visualization and coped with them successfully.

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3D Furniture Visualization Services

3D furniture rendering is one of the most demanded services of the product visualization industry. No matter what kind of classification we take - a product visualization or architectural visualization as part of the interior, it is significant to say that dozens or even more visualizations of furniture are produced every day. Such popularity of the service is quite reasonable. Furniture is a common object in our life and it’s obvious there are many manufacturers who are eager to show their products. Visualizations can be easily used on websites, billboards, in catalogs, brochures and in digital promotion in general.


3D furniture rendering company: market & trends

The 3D furniture rendering service is becoming increasingly popular in Omegarender. This was facilitated by the two reasons: the first is the growth of the quality of renders and simplification of the processes; the second is Covid-19 pandemiс that kept people from taking photos of the objects on-site. Thus, the 3d furniture rendering companies compete with furniture photography services.

On the one hand, rendering quality is getting better every year. In fact, we have been able to produce photorealistic renders for the past few years and it has always been our priority to make the illustration match exactly how the human eye sees. Still on the other hand, furniture photography requires more and more logistics. For instance, in order to make a stack of materials for some kind of a sofa, an armchair or any furniture set, first of all you are to have a finished product and then deliver it to the studio. To do this, you have to take into account the services of movers, photographers and photography processing. While working with rendering, only a sketch and a drawing are required. At the same time, not only a customer company can create a model, but also an agency that provides outsourcing services for furniture visualization in order to do everything in a comprehensive manner and complete this task on a turnkey basis.

Moreover, during the global pandemiс, the 3D rendering companies have gained much more popularity. Firstly, there was no opportunity to get to the shooting site and even to organise it. Last but not least, the demand for furniture increased significantly due to everyone being busy arranging their homes. Having found ourselves at home most of the time, we began to make our space more cozy and comfortable for rest, living and work. For these two reasons, during the period from 2020 to 2021, the volume of the domestic market for 3D furniture visualization services has increased significantly. Over the period, we have cooperated with very large well-known luxury manufacturers such as Modloft, Zauben (one of the winners of Time's 100 Best Inventions), Duracein, Comfort Pedic, Kova, Zuri Furniture, Milk Street Baby, Clea. Our clients strive to show their customers more and more products which аre related to office, home upholstered furniture, built-in furniture, etc.


Workflow of furniture 3D rendering services

Each studio and 3d furniture rendering company has its own standardized process and Omega is certainly no exception. We are always ready to be attentive to a comfortable workflow and suitable pipeline of the client in order to accommodate all his needs, so that he remains satisfied not only with the final results but also with the work process.

Our standard workflow which can be customized at the request of the client is the following:

  • We receive materials from the client. We collect everything according to our brief in order to understand what kind of materials the client has. These materials can include drawings, mood boards, design ideas, already available models, etc. Depending on what inputs the client gives us, we manage the beginning of our work.
  • If the client did not provide us with the model required to create the 3d rendering, the second stage of the work is the creation of the model. The 3D model has its own characteristics. On the one hand, all the processed models are to be highly polygonal in order to have good detail so that the model can be used everywhere, from any angle and under any lighting conditions. On the other hand, it must be optimized, so that it does not overload other scenes and system memory. Therefore, we have very strict requirements for furniture models. In addition, we have a special staff of modelers and designers who deal exclusively with furnishings, since each case has its own specificity and its own request.
  • As the model is formed we start creating a clay render preview or a preview in color depending on the workflow. We always first make clay renders based on the model’s function fist . Then we present the model in a clay render shape giving the client a chance to estimate it. Finally, we provide photorealistic previews to show how the final product will look. It is not important whether it is furniture on a white background or furniture in the interior/exterior, in any case, the client will receive a realistic quality from the first color preview. We are used to working with two previews in color and reaching the final afterwards.

To summarize it briefly, we actually have

  1. model;
  2. clay renders;
  3. previews in color;
  4. finalization.

At each stage, our clients have the opportunity to provide comments for revision which are limited to 20%. This is a rather voluminous block of work, since we understand that working with 3d furniture visualization is carried out in close cooperation with creative groups and companies. It’s important to realize that the process of visualization is very creative, that’s why corrections and improvements are inevitable from the client’s side.. That is the reason why we provide a wide scope for revisions.


Our extra 3D furniture rendering services include:

  • furniture modeling;
  • creating a visualization on the white background (often used for catalogues);

  • 3d furniture visualization in interiors and even architectural exteriors (it can be used on websites, constructs or as key visuals for any promotional materials).

Project’s team for furniture visualization

A special furniture visualization Omegarender's team consists of:

  • a project manager always committed to the client;
  • an art director who keeps the projects on track;
  • a team of artists and designers (and in special cases also a modeler) which is tailored to work with 3D furniture rendering services and, as it befits professionals, are aware of detailing of a single object.

Thereby, a whole team will work on the project, being responsible for and providing guarantees for high-quality delivery.


Advantages of 3D furniture rendering

  1. It is worth marking the huge simplification of the process of illustration creation that a 3D furniture rendering studio provides in contrast to photography as all the logistics are reduced.
  2. Visualization does not require a final product in order to create the image. It turns out to be very useful especially for the companies just entering the market. When collecting a pool of investments for a launch, it is very important for them to show what their aims are. At the same time, they have nothing to showcase defacto - no images, photographs, products and so on. Therefore they need materials and, consequently, rendering fits such companies perfectly in order to perform presentations.
  3. 3D visualization allows you to easily change textures, materials, for example, upholstery on the sofa, or fittings on the office chairs to replace handles. As you can see, there is no need to remount anything, to resemble anything, to deliver a second cabinet to the studio, etc. The artist simply changes the textures on the surface and that will be enough. The major key is a minimum amount of time and these changes are similar within the framework of customization of furniture; if they are massive, they do not affect the budget greatly since, in this case, a single artist will be assigned to each project. The same arguments can apply to real estate agents or hotel owners. Omega has a voluminous set of cases for visualizing eye-catching and luxury interiors. The services of a 3D furniture rendering firm can be also beneficial in showing the space from the desired angles and in the required atmosphere, even if this premise is under construction. In a finished real estate there will be no need to clean the area or move furniture if you wish to change the interior design.
  4. The furniture on the images will certainly be realistic.
  5. The project will have short deadlines.
  6. You can always draw on the model the active environment of use and the passive state of the objects. In other words, it can be furniture in an empty room or, for instance, a couch on which people sit or house pets lie. Such solutions allow manufacturers to demonstrate the functions and spirit of this furniture better.

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