Furniture 3D Modeling Services

3d furniture modeling services

Furniture 3d modeling as an enormous part of product modeling is an effective and popular way of representing a new piece to potential clients. With the advance of software and the number of people choosing all kind of goods online, the demand for furniture 3d modeling increased. Manufacturers don’t need to produce a prototype of the product or make costly photos of the existing product. All they need is to find a reliable visualization company that has a stunning portfolio of furniture 3d modeling.

The great advantage of 3d furniture modeling is that the manufacturers and designers don’t need to stage interior settings and put the product into it, they don’t even need to produce the test samples. All they need is to provide an outsourcing company with a draft or a drawing, and in a few days, the range of ready-made models from different angles in the chosen environment will be ready. Sometimes the furniture 3d models are created from scratch, the client just shares his ideas with a visualization company.

The use of furniture modeling

Furniture 3d modeling differs from product modeling by the bigger number of curves, wimples, decor on sofas, armchairs, pouffes, beds. The same is with tables, wardrobes, chairs, coffee tables - exclusive and designer pieces often have a carving, marquetry, and a combination of different textures. Thus the number of polygons within the model is bigger than in the simple product with straight lines.
Manufacturers outsource 3d furniture modeling services to the professional drafters at the initial phase of working on the visuals. They also come to 3d modeling to create a gallery of models for further implementation by the designers.
It’s used for inventing unique furnishings and decor for peculiar design projects.
Based on the model, the image pool will be created against a white background - it’s a so-called object photo shooting for catalogs and brochures.
Furniture 3d modeling is widely used in such spheres as engineering, production, designing, and manufacture for marketing and promotional campaigns. To impress the customers and stand out on the market, the companies should provide exclusive and top-notch furniture images. That’s why they prefer to outsource furniture 3d modeling to a company that has expertise and proficiency in such services.


Omega Render as your provider of furniture 3d modeling services

For more than a decade Omega Render is providing all kinds of visualization services of prime quality and at affordable prices. We gathered a team of professionals that are constantly working on their expertise.
In Omega Render company, we offer 3d furniture modeling services in the following categories:

Modeling of upholstered furniture

The house furniture is the most popular type among other types of furniture as people love to choose some unique pieces of art that will embellish their nest. Omega Render visualization company creates furniture 3d models for the kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom, garden, and pool. Usually, those models are integrated into the interior environment.

For instance, the manufacturer wants to make an image selection of doors and to save time and money he chooses the same interior background. On the other hand, the images will be placed in the catalog, so it’s better to choose a different environment for each product. However, both options are good if the furniture model’s image is photorealistic and showcases its usability and functionality.

Commercial furniture

Commercial furniture covers a wide range of pieces that comprise furniture for offices, restaurants, conference halls, cinemas, shopping malls, and many others. Chairs, benches, executive tables, lighting, and workplaces should accurately illustrate to the manufacturer and designers the usability, functionality, ergonomic design of the model.

There are two ways of their visualization - we can use a white background for the 3d modeling, or integrate the furniture into the environment that suits the item the best. The first option will be cheaper, and the turnaround time will be shorter. Still, the best effect will produce furniture models shown in the beautifully arranged interior.

Healthcare furniture

Furniture 3d models for hospitals, clinics, healthcare, and medical institutions should be accurate and illustrate usability, functionality, ergonomics, and comfort.

Healthcare furniture models help visualize how much space occupies each piece and how it fits the overall design.


Workflow of 3d furniture modeling services in Omega Render

In Omega Render, each time a project starts, our team consists of a project manager, an art director, and 3d artists. Our project manager communicates with the clients to gather all necessary information, 3d artists produce models, while an art director has the control over everything and, if needed, gives some advice.

Workflow of 3d furniture modeling:

  1. Information sourcing from the customer - we gather all scratches, drafts, references, drawings relevant to the future 3d model.
  2. Then goes a production of a low-poly model that is in gray materials. The light is also added to the image.
  3. A first revision round of the target image. If everything is good, we start elaborating on other details. We work on surfaces, prominence depth, size of the joints, etc.
  4. At this stage, we should meticulously inspect how our model conforms to the photo of the furniture. In case some inaccuracy is revealed, then we should go one step back and make changes.
  5. After the revision follows a production of a high-poly model with all materials and textures added. The image should be as photorealistic as possible. A potential client should have a feeling as if he looks at a real already manufactured piece of furniture.
  6. The client uses life-like high-quality 3d product images in his business and work.


The price of outsource 3d furniture modeling services

The price of each furniture 3d model will depend on the factors below:

  • The size of the furniture that is needed for rendering.
  • The number of details needed for producing an accurate 3d model.
  • The complexity of design - the more curves and decor is on the piece - the higher price will be.
  • The background of the model - the more furniture and decor is on the image, the bigger will be the price.
  • The number in iterations.
  • The delivery time of furtiture 3d modeling services is usually from 3 to 10 days, depending on the project scale, the object complexity and final usage of the model.

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