Virtual Staging Services

Try virtual staging as fast and effective solution for creating spectacular presentations of property. 

Virtual staging services and digital renovation for real estate

Omegarender can handle all residential and commercial properties task’s for virtual staging and renovation, doesn't matter if it would be a small badroom or a huge office space. Stylish design and staging can work miracles! 72% of agents and brokers use digital tools to close deals and find the key to your client’s heart. Transform your catalog listing digitally with us. We provide virtual staging services and digital renovation services for any type of property:

- houses, villas, and cottages
- condos, townhoues, multi-family houses
- offices and commercial spaces
- bars and restaurants
- warehouses
Fill out a form on our contact page to get a digital upgrade for your property. There is no room for clutter, weight-lifting, and stress! A stylish design is essential to selling the house. We help both real estate agents and property owners create additional value by fully digitizing their spaces.

Some of our works

How virtual staging works?

Clear and simple steps to create impressive virtual staging images and video:

  1. Collecting Input materials
    You give us a "before" photo. any other materials will be a great addition to the project. It can be floor plans, additional footage, or video from the field.
  2. Moodboard creation
    Together we create a moodboard that will reflect your vision of the design. A moodboard is one of the main tools of our 3d artists.
  3. Final images
    Our 3d artists create visualizations, which reveal the full potential of your real estate.

Every step of the visualization process for virtual staging in our company will be tailored to meet your needs. With precise terms of reference and a clear project vision, you may not need extra revisions, and, if not, we take them out of the scope of the project. You can customize the number of previews and add more review sessions as needed. The average project implementation time is 2.5 weeks (depending on the scale). Managers from our virtual staging company will be in touch with you during the whole project. PM will supervise the work of the whole team. The level of quality will be controlled by our art director who accompanies each project.


FAQs about virtual staging services

What’s the difference betwen Digital Renovation & Virtual Staging?

Renovation involves the creation of a 3d model of the space. It takes a bit longer, however, it allows you to create an image of any area of the space or even make a 360° view for it. Virtual staging applies only to your existing space.

What can you add to the Virtual Staging images?

Anything. In the visualizations we exhibit furniture, lighting (chandeliers, lamps), plants, rugs, artworks, and decor. If you want, we even can add pets.

How long does Virtual Staging take?

It can take anywhere from 2-7 days after receiving the photos depending on the design complexity. After the first images preview, you can choose the number of revisions. Each round of revision takes 2-4 days.

How many revision rounds will I get?

Every step of the visualization process will be tailored to meet your needs. With precise terms of reference and a clear project vision, you may not need extra revisions, and, if not, we take them out of the scope of the project. You can customize the number of previews and add more review sessions as needed.

Can you create different angles of the same room?

Of course. we can go two ways: create a 3d scene and create any number of frames with different angles or you can give us additional photos of the object, which we will use to make the "after" version.

Can you create a 3d tour based on photos?

Yes. but we will need a floor plans to correctly calculate the scale and space planning.

Can you do exterior renovations?

This is not a problem. We can work with any type of object. we can add a pool or patio to the backyard, make a few options for the color of the facade or even create a golf course on a wasteland.

How can I turn my virtual design into reality?

At your request, we will give you all the specifications and models of the furniture and decor that were used in the scene. as well as the size of any custom furniture. with this, you can accurately reproduce your virtual design.


The 7 reasons why realtors choose renderings for virtual staging over real photos

  1. Vigtual staging and renovation is perfect for any purpose. No matter what object you are working with, you will always create an eye-catching visualization with our renderings.
  2. 3d visuals are the ideal solution for empty houses: no furniture required!
  3. Renders show an amazing future today
  4. No need to worry about the final detailed design
  5. Minimum involvement of the customer with full control of the workflow.
  6. The ability to design several interior and exterior options to unlock the potential of the facility.
  7. Make digital visuals faster. Let's take a look at the standard task of creating visual content: a small single-family villa in the shortest possible time.

3d virtual staging rendering services

  • The creation of a model;
  • Light and camera set-up;
  • The addition of materials and textures;
  • The transformation of the model scene into color – the first photorealistic results.

Artists work separately, and each picture can be worked on by an individual artist for the most rapid result. You can change the light, decor, or anything you want.

Photo session

  • House cleaning and other decorative preparation work before the photoshoot.
  • The involvement of furniture designers, decoration specialists, and landscape designers.
  • Costly and time-consuming supply and operational logistics.
  • Furnishing and equipping the space.
  • Installation of professional photographic lighting, tripods, and other support equipment.
  • A photoshoot that takes from 3 to 7 hours on average.
  • Photo post correction with plenty of correction sets and comments.

A team is tied up in the work and logistic stages. when deadlines are breached, there's only one overlay in the whole process.

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