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3D Architectural Walkthrough Services in Omega Render

Architectural visualization has many “faces” depending on the project and the task set for that project. For this reason, visualization companies may apply absolutely different approaches on the individual basis of visualization format. In this case, one can talk about instruments used for visualizations - sketches or renderings. What concerns renderings, the most distinguishing are static images, animation, walkthrough tours, VR & AR.

Let us find out the advantages of walkthrough tours and their importance in the architectural presentation and design of the interior. Walkthrough tour is an essential field of architectural visualization that exhibits properties of both animation and virtual tours. Unlike animation where a camera flies according to an already predestined script, in 3d walkthrough tours, the user has complete freedom of movement along with space. In walkthrough tours, a user can operate with space by himself and look through the details that interest him most.
While static images give a chance to look at the building from the most beneficial angle, the animation shows the space from the architect’s and designer’s perspectives. A unique advantage of walkthrough tours is that each viewer is encouraged to create an own one-of-a-kind tour and choose a moving direction and overview he prefers.
A walkthrough tour is created on the base of the original observation points within the space. There is an infinite variety of those viewpoints. As a result, immersion depth will depend on their density in the area. Omega Render, as a provider of 3d architectural walkthrough services, aims to help real estate companies wow the viewers and prospective buyers in the most impressive manner.

Top 5 facts about 3d architectural walkthrough services you may not know:

  1. In the most expensive and professional tours, 1 viewpoint is used for 1 square meter (sometimes it can be even less than 1meter) to fill in space totally upon which the interactive user moves around.
  2. Normally, movie-makers use a few observation points to create an exclusive tour: entry point, point in the middle of the space, and finishing point.
  3. The additional perspectives demonstrate the most advantageous details of the space - the zest of the interior, a beautiful view from the window, or how harmoniously the rooms intertwine.
  4. The camera in walkthrough tours will always move at eye level to fully dive into that atmosphere. Nonetheless, the audience would always have a chance not only to see details on each side but from the bottom upwards. The interactive user can see a floor as well as ceiling to study a design consistently.
  5. The space observation is under the full control of the viewer. The viewer can change a location within observation points and even change the observation angle (panorama). It’s a dynamic tour made out of a combination of photorealistic static images.

Such tours are becoming more popular as people don’t need to travel anywhere far to see a house. The brokers refer to 3d walkthrough animation companies to show the potential investors every nook of the space that sometimes wasn’t even built yet.


How works 3D Architectural Walkthrough Companies

As a 3d architectural walkthrough company, Omega Render provides the following rendering services:

Walkthrough tours for interior

When it comes to visualization like walkthrough tours, to complete the task in full measure each nook of indoor space has to be shown. Nothing can be hidden. And that’s a great benefit of walkthrough tours as the interactive user can see each small detail as if he is really present in that place. Thanks to such tours, the viewer can deeply feel the space and its mood. In the end, the audience shouldn’t have any questions concerning the decor and design of the interior as he could have seen everything to the smallest detail.
Most frequently, 3d walkthrough tours are used in interiors to showcase the residential buildings and commercial one. The most popular among residential properties are walkthrough tours in villas, townhouses, and other big-scale buildings. Walkthroughs for commercial properties include shopping malls, restaurants, museums, theaters, training halls, etc.

Walkthrough tours for the commercial interior

Real estate brokers often fall back to walkthrough tours in their presentations of real estate properties as such tours fully reveal the potential of the building. Besides, it helps stand out among competitors who have at hand just static images.
Thanks to 3d walkthrough services, the viewer can notice all architectural nuances of the project as he decides what to pay attention to and for how long.
In real estate walkthrough tours, there are two alternatives of their presentations:

  1. The visualization of the current state of the office/mall/restaurant is made with the help of panoramic photos.
  2. Often there is a request from the rendering walkthrough studio to create a customized space according to the needed design. Mostly, the aim is to show how space would like, which will be the interior. It helps to calculate the price so that a client knows all the details and quote beforehand, so there shouldn’t be any misunderstandings.


Walkthrough tours for exterior

However, when the walkthrough tour is a part of a presentation of a large redevelopment area, it goes through the infrastructure parts of the neighborhood. In interior projects, the 3d tours make the accent on the interior and its design. In the case of exterior renderings, the focus of attention is not on the building’s exterior but the interrelation between infrastructural facilities. The following concepts are significant in walkthrough tours of the exterior:

  • The distance between the buildings;
  • The vegetation of the area;
  • Possibility of the driveway;
  • Parks;
  • Children playground.

Notwithstanding that in exterior walkthrough tours the center of attention shifts from the project to the environment, it’s still thrilling to look at the exterior finish, how the sun glares. Everything is made to fully convey the mood of the space and get closer to the state of full immersion.
The aerial view is a great way to showcase the whole city area and neighborhood in exterior walkthrough tours.


The price of 3d walkthrough services

Each project is different, thus the quote for each walkthrough tour may differ. Such factors will influence the price of the tour in our 3d walkthrough animation company:

  • The number of observation points within a walkthrough tour;
  • The project scale and its density within the existing environment;
  • The complexity of design;
  • Number of concepts.

A walkthrough tour is a great addition to the presentation and always makes an unforgettable effect on the client from the very beginning. It’s a win-win deal both for realtors and for potential owners.

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