Real Estate 3D Rendering Services

Use digital tools to find the key to your client's heart. Create a visualization of a finifed space to raise its value up to 30%! With our renderings you will always get an eye-catching images for your propety.

3d Visualization for Real Estate

Real estate 3d rendering is an important area in architectural visualization which focuses on property. 3d real estate renderings service is a smart solution and powerful tool in showing properties in all its glory even before the dwelling occurs. It’s a great opportunity for realtors to reveal the full potential of the building and deliver to future residents its true value. 

Property can be in different stages and different conditions. At the designing stage, general contractors fall back to real estate advertising companies to make a high-quality appealing visualization of the future project. Another reason why realtors cooperate with 3d rendering services is that they want to make an eye-catching visualization of property resale. The benefits of 3d rendering real estate are inestimable - current residents of the house don’t need to clear the space and move furniture. All they need is to give 3d artists correct premises’ measures. It’s a win-win solution both for realtors getting impressive marketing materials for sales, and for potential clients feeling delighted on looking at a perfect image of their future house.

Some of our works

3D renderings services for real estate

Thanks to the big number of cases we deal with and communication with clients concerning their property, Omega Render elaborated a full range of services that will be in demand for real estate. Thanks to that you can choose a service that suits all your needs:


Virtual staging 

It’s an integration of furniture and decor into a photo of already existing space. Clients just need to give us a photo of the room/ landscape. Our task is to fill the living room, office, restaurant, area outside the house with the furnishing, lighting design, decor elements and plants to impress the customers.


Digital renovation services for property

The key point of digital renovation lies in applying 3d models into work upon real estate design. Whether a photo of a real interior is of bad quality, or it’s complicated to raise a parting wall, real estate agents resort to digital renovation. It’s a hassle-free experience as there is no need to paint walls, move furniture and do anything with existing space. As this kind of work we do on the level of 3d model, not a photo, we can produce any number of images and on any camera position irrespective of the original photo. It gives more freedom in real estate property presentation to the final customers.


Full 3d images & video

Each visualization for real estate rendering is well-designed depending on the project design basis. Full 3d images always involve work with design whether it’s a full or partial one. Such projects contain more details on which an image is based on. Unlike digital renovation, full 3d images require more detailed work with a total degree of realism. First-rate specialists fall to full 3d CGI and video to produce interactive and high-quality visuals that correspond to the customer’s vision. For this reason, they are more expensive than images of digital renovation, and they require a bigger number of iterations. 


Real Estate 360 panoramas: 3d tours

3D tours for real estate rendering are becoming more and more popular during the pandemic as they allow potential clients to see the whole project without going anywhere. 3D tours are used both for commercial properties and for residential ones. Brokers choose 360 panoramas and 3d tours when the current status of the house is under construction or in poor condition, or to conduct a tour without leaving home . Unlike VR, in 3d tour, a viewer can change location only within observation points. Due to this, walkthrough tour is a bit limited, but at the same time, 3d tours are more money-saving than VR. Nowadays, 3d real estate animations are more affordable than 3d tours made of photo images as the last ones boosted in price.



Virtual reality and augmented reality are becoming more available in the marketing world. Real estate animations and walkthrough tours can impress even the most demanding person as they make a feeling a buyer walks through the house. The customer can even ask for a fly-through tour into drone footage. Being similar to Virtual Staging and Digital renovation, VR technology, however, gives the buyers an opportunity to move into the space without showing just images of the property. Unlike virtual reality where all space is accomplished in 3d, augmented reality integrates particular objects digitally inserting furniture via camera. AR is often used in exteriors to show erected properties and the change of exteriors.  

In Omega Render, we deal with 3d real estate renderings services both for the interior and the exterior. Exterior real estate renderings are using for facade renovation — when the coating is peeling off or there are some unfinished details. With the help of 3d artists, real estate agents can satisfy their buyer’s needs by making a perfect life-like image of the property. 


Top 5 reasons why realtors choose renderings over photos 

  1. Renderings is perfect for any purpose. No matter what object you are working with, you will always create an eye-catching visualization with our renderings.
  2. Making 3d visuals of property is faster. Because 3d artist work separately, and each picture can be worked on by an individual artist for the most rapid result. You can change the light, decor, or anything you want.
  3. 3d images is the ideal solution for empty houses - no furniture and decor required:
    Renders show an amazing future today
    No need to worry about the design
    No furniture is necessary
    Doesn’t require logistics during the project
    Minimum involvement of the customer with full control of the workflow.
    The ability to design several interior and exterior options to unlock the potential of the facility.
  4. You can create selling content at any time, rain or shine. With help from a real estate rendering company, you're able to present your object in any form, in any light, and at any time of the year. for example, this villa is advantageously presented in several scenes (morning, daytime, sunset, and night). and the interiors have their own rules: for example, the bedroom is typically shown both in daylight and evening light to show future owners how this space will look in the moments of use.
  5. Renderings is perfect teaser for a catalogue. Images make the first impressions of the house. They should be as impressive as possible and demand people's attention.


The cost of 3d real estate renderings services in Omega Render

Each 3d rendering task for real estate is different, and the price varies on a project-to-project basis. The following issues can influence the price of your real estate rendering:

  1. Number of iterations
  2. 3d model complexity
  3. The complexity of decor and design

If you want to avoid costly amendments, you can choose virtual staging. All you need is to present us a photo and, in a few days, you’ll get an appealing image of the room or a building. 

Among stative images, the most expensive are full 3d image as they require more iterations and more time. For each 3d image production, we choose a 3d artist that suits the project the best. 

We aim to make a rendering that emphasizes every beneficial detail of your real estate. 

If you need a consultation concerning real estate rendering — contact our team via email or fill in the form. 


OmegaRender's experience in 3d visualization for real estate

We’ve got a specialized project manager who deals exclusively with real estate renderings. There is also a dedicated production team that works with real estate renderings. 

Omega Render collaborates with major companies like Compass, particularly with their real estate agents. Thanks to them, we had a chance to work with famous design teams.

Omega Render has a great number of successful cases on the renovation of commercial offices in Europe. All cases you can see in our Portfolio. Or ask our managers to see more works  

Omega Render has great expertise in real estate rendering services. It ranges from simple integration in photoshop, and ends with the most challenging VR tours that demand full detailing. 

If you want to reveal the full potential of your real estate and capture an unforeseen moment in time via 3d visualization — Omega Render is eager to help you with it. 

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