3D Floor Plan Rendering Services

A 3d floor plan as a part of visualization is something between a simple drawing and actually visuals. Floor plans show to potential investors or buyers the interior design of the premises from the top so that all the dimensions and measurements of the property will be clear and comprehensive.

3D Floor Plan Rendering Services in Omega Render

Omega Render, as a vendor of 3d floor plan services, suggests you:

  • Highly-detailed floor plans with precise dimensions;
  • Realization of property potential;
  • Custom-built relationships;
  • The photorealism of images;
  • Attention to minute details;
  • Quick turnaround time;
  • Affordable prices.

A 3d floor plan gives understanding of not so much as specific furnishing but also space interaction within current objects and current saturation. Thanks to this, people can look through space with the furnishings, design, and decor, as well as empty spaces without any furniture. The visualization of the space without furnishing helps compare the better layout of the premises - to put up/take away the wall or a parting wall in a house or office, etc. It helps get a feel of a space, better interact with it, understand it and handle a request of its functionality. The following types of buildings as private houses, apartments, villas, shopping centers, schools, cinemas, offices, and many others are frequently visualized in floor plans.
Floor plans are not just simple visuals to show the dimensions and interior of each room and space, as similar to 3d images that facilitate an emotional connection between the viewer and the property.

The use of 3d floor plan rendering services

  1. 3D floor plan can be an addition to the presentation. When visualizing a big-scale project, photorealistic renderings are not enough to present the building design. In this case, 3d floor plan drawing service is applied to showcase precise dimensions of the project and reduce the chance of any error.
  2. Floor plans as the presentation of comprehensive development. In this situation, the architects fall back to floor plans as integral to the presentation of real estate development. Floor plans show the breakdown by sectors within floors to display which floor is responsible for, how they interact. Hence, floor plans are almost at the same level as drafts as they convey the same task - showing the highly-detailed office or industrial building layout.
  3. As a core presentation of the project. Floor plans are affordable in visualization as they are time-consuming and cost-effective than VR or walkthrough tours. Indeed, by posing a camera at an angle of 60 degrees (like from a bird-eye view), the viewer can see the whole space - windows, doors, parting walls, and the overall interior. It helps see the property functionality - for instance, the owner can see how far a bedroom is from the bathroom, where the window will be in the kitchen.

Floor plans can be used in architecture, design, real estate, and engineering development. The real estate investors and building contractors apply a 3d floor plan to enhance the marketability. And stand out among competitors, as sometimes simple visuals are not enough. People prefer to look at the website of the real estate agency or architectural company and carefully look through their portfolio of floor plans or 3d tours. As the bigger portfolio is on the website, the higher expertise the visualization company has.


3D Floor Plans Rendering Services

Architectural visualization companies and rendering studios deliver services of Floor plan design. Omega Render is proud of being a provider of floor plan drafting services.

When choosing a rendering studio, one should pay attention to project types the company has experience with. Some agencies may specialize in commercial real estate (offices, shopping malls, industrial buildings), another in residential properties (houses, apartments, condos). Some studios may deal mostly with small-scale projects, thus another one with big-scale. Indeed, some companies have broad experience with all types of buildings and any of any scale. For that reason, while looking for a contractor for your project - choose the one that proceeds your requirements and has relevant experience.


The workflow of floor plan design services in Omega Render

To start working on floor plan design, we collect as much info as possible and ask the clients to give us clear and accurate formulations of their wishes

  1. A 3d model creation. At first, the client gets a clay render of a low-poly model that is without furnishing. The visualization is in grey color.
  2. Then goes a first revision round of ready low-poly models with erased walls, doors, and windows. On making all the modifications, we move to the furniture and design composing. The furnishing matches with project design and the number of objects is relevant to the client’s vision and requirements.
  3. Iteration in white material preview or already in color.
  4. Iteration for elements approval by color and iteration by order of small elements. The adjustments may differ a maximum of 20% of the floor plan you get.
  5. The final image of 3d floor plan. After the second revision round, the clients gets their life-like highly-detailed 3d floor plans in any format JPG, TIF, PNG.


The cost of 3d floor plan rendering services

As in any other rendering, the price of floor plan design services depends on several factors, and they are the following:

  1. The size of the project.
  2. Type of the building - whether it’s a commercial or residential one.
  3. Measurement in square meters.
  4. The complexity of the design and the number of objects in the area.
  5. Project timeline.

If you are looking for a reliable visualization studio that provides 3d floor plans rendering services at the highest level - Omega Render studio is here to help you with it. Feel fry to ask any questions concerning floor plans or possible quote, and we’ll answer within a short time. Or write us an email at info@omegarender.studio.


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