3D Residential Rendering Services

3d rendering services for house visualization. Get a chance to impress your client with outstanding images.

House 3D rendering

Here we will reveal the specifics of working with the different types of tasks that can be faced during the external visualization of residential buildings. We are sure that you will be curious to learn more about the specifics of house rendering and to get inspired to start work on your own projects.

We work with clients from all around the world, but most of our projects are with American designers and architects. Style and expression, however, do not depend on geography. There's a unity between creators from all over the world in the requirements for their work, depending on the purpose of the project. We know the difference between:
- real estate rendering
- 3d rendering for the end client
- residential visualization to convey the general mood of the whole project
- comprehensive presentation of the project.

Understanding the goal and conveying it to the visualization team sometimes plays the most important role in the creative process. Let's get more about residential 3d visualization and different type of it.

Some of our works

3D House Rendering Services

3D house rendering is a huge part of visualization that creates life-like renderings of residential properties like villas, condominiums, apartments, and many others. More than half of exterior renderings are residential ones. And it isn’t a wonder as it’s an enormous sphere for creativity and producing something exceptional. We differentiate 3d images, animations, AR, walkthrough tours, and other 3d tours as the most common ways of house visualization.

It’s an engaging process of creating not just technical but also artistic projects that will reveal the true spirit of the house and its future owners. It’s of key importance to find a fine line between the architect/designer, the potential client, and the project itself. Studios with expertise can easily identify the mood the 3d property rendering would acquire, the aspect angle that would reveal the property potential the best. Such companies will always find the right camera view to show a house - a street, aerial, or superman view.


3D Residential Rendering Services from Omegarender

In Omegarender 3d visualization studio, we carry out the following residential rendering services for houses etc:

  • Static images - high-resolution 3d photorealistic visuals that show the residential building and the whole neighborhood in all their beauty. That is the basic service of house exterior visualization. Thanks to 3d images, we breathe life into colorless drafts and evoke feelings from just one look at the photo image. 3D visuals of our artists you can see in our Portfolio.
  • The animation is a peculiar way of visualizing the whole district, and it provides a whole new perspective of the overall presentation.
  • A walkthrough tour is a popular way of presenting a property and the environment that surrounds the building and immensely increases the project value. Thanks to walkthrough tours, the customer may have a look at the property from all angles and from a whole new perspective.
  • AR is a powerful tool for integrating some parts of the residential building which are not erected yet.


Types of buildings for house renderings

There are the following types of residential buildings that Omega Render is ready to start work on:

  • Single-family homes;
  • Multifamily homes;
  • Condominiums;
  • Villas;
  • Townhouses;
  • Modular houses;
  • Cooperatives;
  • Condos.

For any type of buildings, Omega Render provides 3d residential rendering services.


The favorable atmosphere for 3d visualization residential projects

Unlike commercial buildings, house renderings actually show the mood of future residents and their social status and design preferences. Those projects are infrastructure part of the whole city. Only amateurs take it as an easy visualization task. Proficient visualization teams come up for it as a complex task, in-depth challenge, and great responsibility for visualization, not just a single villa but all the environment that is all around.

For us, an accurate elaboration of the atmosphere is always coherent with the architectural style in the house. The residential neighborhoods are of prime importance because such concepts as the weather, lighting, environment, and mood of the streets will always have an enormous impact on the project’s atmosphere. To a great extent, the visualization will depend on the location of the house is built-in. Such factors as vegetation, clothing of people that integrated into the image, quantity of decor elements, and even the external view of the streets - all this is taken into consideration before the work on the house rendering starts.


House Rendering Project Portfolio

Omega Render has a great specialization and expertise in the visualization of house, home, and residential properties. We have worked with a great number of companies in Europe and the USA. On our account, there are renderings of any possible scale and a great variety of architectural styles.

Our team always stays one step ahead and never loses the possibility to learn new things about visualization. We communicate ideas in a meaningful way, and through our photorealistic visuals, we reveal the true potential of the villa, apartment, co-op, or any residential property we come up with.
Our works you can see on this page or in the section Portfolio. If you want to see a whole portfolio - leave an application on our website, and our manager will contact you and send you a selection of required pieces.


The cost of 3d home rendering service

To determine the cost of 3d residential rendering services in Omega Render firm, at first we need to know the aim of the project, whether it will be a single-family house or a range of city apartments. The price first depends on the type of rendering the client needs:

Static 3d residential images.

3d images are the most frequent service of house visualization we provide. They give a clear vision for project estimates and increase product value in the real estate market. The price of 3d images depends on the scale of the building, the number of concepts, environment, decor, and the number of iterations. To get to know the detailed quote for your project - please, fill out the form, and our manager will get in touch with you.

The animation for houses.

The cost of animation we count individually. It depends not just on the complexity of the building and number of details, but also on the length of the video.

Walkthrough tours.

The number of shots (observation viewpoints) on the tour are fundamental factors in estimating the cost of 3d walkthrough residential tours.


We estimate AR on the case-by-case basis, as there are so many issues that affect its cost.


If you want to elevate your house visualization to another level and make the best out of the project - use our 3d home rendering services, and the result will exceed your expectations!
Contact us at our email info@omegarender.studio or fill in the form on the contact page, and we’ll count for you a quote and discuss all the details.

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