3D Product Modeling Services

3D Product Modeling Services in Omega Render

3D product modeling is the first stage of visualization that creates life-like images of any product needed. Thanks to 3d modeling, a simple draft or illustration can be converted into a top-notch 3d image that immediately appeals to the viewer. Services of 3d product modeling is a great solution to breathe life into a simple visual by adding color, material, scaling, texture, background, and many other details yet significant for model production. It’s a check of physical validity, working capability, and proportions of the product.

3D product modeling is used almost everywhere in our everyday life - starting with magazines we buy and ending with the catalog we look through why choosing a washing machine or AirPods. Product modeling isn’t just a time-saving tool but also a great experience to realize a product’s potential by showing it in work and with different backgrounds under different angles.


3D Modeling Services for Products

The following categories are the most frequently rendered in visualization:

  • Furniture;
  • Technical devices;
  • Manufacturing;
  • House appliances;
  • Electronic gadgets;
  • Doors & windows;
  • Medical equipment;
  • Home decor and interior accessories;
  • Food & drinks.

This is just a small list of products for which we have created 3d models for our clients. 3d modeling services can be applied to different products and different tasks.


Omega Render as your 3d product modeling company

Omega Render studio has been working with many famous American and European companies. We aim to help them market products and run their business at competitive rates.

Thanks to the newest software and our adept team of specialists, Omega Render produces services for 3d product rendering and produces highly detailed 3d images crafted to meet all customer’s needs.

In our portfolio, you can meet the following categories:

  1. Technical equipment. Omega Render created a 3d model of hydraulic equipment and aggregates for the plant that produces heavy hydraulics.
  2. Fireplace product rendering. Omega Render produced not only 3d models of fireplaces but also an interior that serves as the background.
  3. Visualization of doors. The customer was a German manufacturing and design company. We made a visualization of a great range of doors that haven’t even been manufactured.
  4. Furniture product rendering. It’s one of the most frequent visualizations, and sometimes we have a task to produce a furniture 3d model on a white background. However, in our portfolio, you can meet a vast number of furniture in a well-chosen interior.
  5. Fixtures for the kitchen and bathroom are better showcased in the interior.
  6. Food and drinks for restaurant menu and websites.


The price of 3d product renderings

To give a quote for a 3d product model, a company specializing in 3d product modeling should know the product’s size and the number of details needed for visualization. The bigger and more detailed the product model should be, the more it will cost. It usually takes from 3 to 10 days to produce one model. However, when a dedicated team takes the task, the 3d product rendering can be ready within one day. It depends on the type of product.


Where 3d Product modeling can be useчd

3D product modeling is applied in:

  1. Presentations and creation of key-visuals. That’s why a product shot should be effective because product modeling is the first step for a product presentation. By applying these models, our3d-artists generate catching snappy visuals that draw the attention of the target audience. Those visuals can be used for brochures, catalogs, advertisements, the retail industry, and commerce.
  2. For displaying technical characteristics - for this reason, the 3d product modeling should be accurate and detail-oriented. Photo images won’t show all the characteristics as a 3d model does. For example, the equipment is too big, and it’s complicated to take a photo of it. In this case, people choose 3d modeling over photographs. Manufacturers don’t need to prepare for taking photos, all they need is to find a reliable 3d product modeling studio.
  3. For animation - the models should be worked through from each angle and optimized to their dimensions and polygons. Animation allows the viewer to see how the product works by demonstrating all product features and functions.


Workflow of 3d product modeling services in Omegarender

  1. First, we gather information from the customer - overall dimensions, photographs, references, and drafts.
  2. Then produce a low-poly model that is in gray materials. The light is also added to the image.
  3. If needed, we make some modifications when the customer checks a target image. Then we start elaborating on other details. Our specialists work on surfaces, prominence depth, size of the joints, and many other significant details.
  4. At this stage should be a conformance inspection of the product shape to the photo. In case some inaccuracy is revealed, then we should go one step back and make changes.
  5. In the final stage, we add materials and textures to the product.
  6. The client gets life-like high-quality 3d product images that he can use.

If you are looking for a 3d product modeling company that will deliver superior service of product modeling from a different perspective than a photo - Omega Render is the right choice for you. We can take upon ourselves any project of any scale and any complexity.
Fill in the form or write an email at info@omegarender.studio and ask any questions concerning product modeling services in Omega Render, and our manager will contact you within a short time.

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