3D exterior rendering services

Exterior visualization is partly our favorite type of project because it requires a higher level of expertise and responsibility.

Exterior architectural visualization

Photorealistis exterior visualisation is our way of honoring each architect and each piece of architecture. We care about the one-of-a-kind masterpiece that you'll receive at the end of our project.

Exterior 3D rendering is our favorite type of project, but at the same time, it requires a higher level of expertise and responsibility. Exterior visualization is usually integrated into the existing area with its own rules and style of architecture. We either have to recreate the current layout by visualizing existing objects, or we have to integrate new projects in a photo.

At the same time, we must not break the established traditions of the area and choose the ideal methods to preserve integrity and greatness, while adding something new and unknown.


Some of our works
Andrei Yermakov, art director

Andrei Yermakov, art director

I'm here to help create the best images for project presentations.

3D Exterior visualization services in Omegarender

Exterior rendering is an essential part of architectural visualization. It has a range of peculiarities that studios should know and take into consideration.
In exterior architectural visualization, the focus of attention isn’t just on the project but on the environment and context. As in interior visualization, firstly, we work through the room, the view from the window is the last stage. The same in exterior visualization — at first 3D artists work with the building geometry and position on the image, only after that the environment and interior (furniture, lights, people inside, etc.) are visualized.
Exterior architectural visualization is a huge area of creativity, fantasy, and application of numerous techniques. Indeed, the best part for us in the exterior rendering combined visualization of single family villas and the most challenging futuristic concepts for whole city areas. It’s hard to overestimate the elaboration of the environment and the surroundings, especially what concerns skyscrapers and urban development buildings in the city center.
To convey the mood of the design our 3d artists use a contextualized environment. It includes background, white boxes, landscape, vegetation that grows in the required region. For dramatic and artistic purposes, designers apply fog, passersby, vehicles, rainy or windy weather. Comprising both sunny and cloudy weather, daylight and illumination are a win-win for commercial exterior visualization from 3D rendering company.
For advertising villas or small residential buildings, our 3D exterior rendering studio mostly uses light hues and sunny summer days with merry people outside. But customers shouldn’t be bothered that all those contextual elements distract viewers from the real estate itself, it just makes people imagine themselves being there and enjoying life.


Omegarender as your 3D exterior rendering company

Omegarender provides exterior rendering services for already 10 years. For us, our work is our pride and the greatest achievement. The Portfolio of our photorealistic images speaks more than the words written below. But nevertheless you should know more about us as a vendor of 3d exterior visualization services:

  • Great expertise and proficiency.
    With every next project, we become better and deepen our technical knowledge in image creation. Each working day we deal with 3d exterior rendering services, and it is our passion, not just routine work.
  • Perfect mood on every image.
    We aim to take a client’s breath away. Each project is our child that we cherish in love and dedication. To find confirmation of those words you can look at our portfolio which range from cozy fancy houses to skyscrapers of impressive scale.
  • Monthly workload.
    On average, each month we produce 100-150 images of exterior architectural visualization. In peak load, there are 200 photorealistic images of exterior rendering.
  • An impressive number of clients and creative CGI.
    There are more than 1000 projects of 3d architectural exterior rendering on our account and about 8000 realistic images in our portfolio. In 2020, we’ve cooperated with 120 clients, more than half of them are our regular customers. Today we are collaborating with more than 25 countries. Each year the number of our customers grows as Omega Render becomes recognizable.
  • A strong team of more than 100 artists.
    Each of our performers has an architectural or design education and strong technical knowledge for creating 3D exterior architectural renderings. We never stop growing and improving. We believe there is no limit to perfection. Altogether they make a perfect mechanism of coordinated work that associates a Swiss watch — consolidated and accurate.
  • Photorealistic quality.
    The artistic component of exterior architectural visualization comprises the elaboration of the atmosphere and the environment. Our 3D exterior rendering company has an uncanny talent for creating a piece of art in which all aspects were considered with accuracy.
  • Dedicated team.
    For each direction of architectural visualization, we have an art director that specializes in it. It means that one director deals with interior visualization rendering, another one with exterior 3d rendering services. For each project, we choose a 3D artist who fits the project most. Thus, he has a patent way of visualizing the client’s idea.
  • Personal project manager.
    For each project, a customer gets their project manager who communicates with the team and the client. The more details a project manager gets — the quicker image would be produced.
  • Quick task-performing.
    In 3 days after getting all necessary materials, we provide a first preview. Turnaround time of our work is 2-3 weeks, it depends on the scope of the project.
  • Five-star customer service.
    Thanks to high-quality images and good customer service more than 90% of our partners come back to Omegarender with their new projects. We always comply with the client to satisfy all his requirements. For instance, sometimes we deliver our rendering in a week if needed, or we are in for calling the art-director one-to-one. Another time we are ready to make a clay renders in coral color just because our partner likes this color and he had asked about.


Types of 3D exterior visualization

3d exterior rendering services help future owners see their vision of how the final project will appear. We have broad experience in all kinds of exterior renderings. Let us in short explain to you what are those subdivisions and how they are applied in 3d architectural exterior rendering. It will help you make the right decision which exterior scenes and which dimensions to choose for your presentation.

Categories of exterior visualization according to their scale and purpose

  1. Residential building. They include houses, housing apartments, villas, townhouses, modular houses, etc. It’s vital for 3d exterior rendering companies to show outdoor zones, lawns, garages, pools, facades, and people relaxing outside. Thus, it would be easier for an owner or future residents to imagine themselves living there. In residential exterior 3d renderings, we often apply human-view to illustrate the front, the back, and other sides of the building.
  2. Commercial buildings fall into:
    Educational — schools, libraries, colleges, universities, and other educational institutions.
    Public — include offices, shops, shopping malls, gyms, cinemas, business parks, community centers, restaurants, etc.
    Industrial and storage buildings are big-scale commercial structures and require wider angles of presentation. For that reason, aerial CGI is used to show the clients all the surroundings. The concept of commercial exterior architectural visualization is to captivate attention by adding light, illumination, people.
  3. Skyscrapers (Commercial and residential). Aerial visualization is the best way to show objects on a grand scale like skyscrapers are. Our 3D artists are thrilled to deal with such inspiring cases. They love these kinds of tasks with a lot of complex architecture.

Separating exterior visualization types is a camera position on the scene

  • Human view is the way to show a building from the viewer’s place. However, it doesn’t go parallel to a person’s view, the camera raises a bit to comprise passersby and surroundings.
  • Superman view is a great way to make a rendering of skyscrapers, hotels, and commercial buildings look impressive and powerful. This view captures the upper floors of the building with few contextual details to complement the image and make it more realistic.
  • Aerial view mostly covers a wider area in few kilometers to show outer-lying residential districts. It showcases how a visualized project stands out from other premises.

In our 3D exterior rendering company the price and work complexity depends on the angle and on the distance between the project and the camera. The wider angles and longer distance is required — the bigger quote will be at the end. The number of concepts and contextual elements in exterior renderings is counted into the final price of 3D exterior rendering.


The cost of exterior architectural visualization services

Each project and building in 3D exterior design rendering services are unique and individual on a case-by-case basis. For this reason, we don’t announce prices. Only after calculations of the client’s artistic endeavor, he can get the ultimate price of a high-quality exterior rendering.
Nonetheless, you can easily get a customized quote for your reference. All you need is to write us a mail with the request for pricing or fill in the form on our website. Our manager will send you approximate prices and calculate the quote for your exterior renderings. Make no doubt that for the money you give, you get the image of great value and prime quality.
The following factors will influence the cost of exterior rendering:

  1. Type of the building. Omega Render had a chance to deal with all types of exterior architectural visualization — starting from small residential houses ending in schools, theaters, and industrial buildings. Even a classic colonial villa with a facade decor would have another price than a modern villa with sharp angles and low poly models.
  2. Materials needed for the exterior rendering. Detailed brief, sketches, 3d model, mood boards and all materials a client provides to the manager are of high importance.
  3. Mood boards are references to the weather, season, illumination, camera position, and everything that’s important for the client.
  4. The project’s scale.
  5. Geometry complexity. The architectural style of real estate and the number of facade details influence the ultimate price either.
  6. Project details. Such details as the light in the house, people dining inside or watching TV are small but significant details, and we take them into consideration.
  7. Environment. The number of extra details such as pets, cars, greenery, and garden furniture contributes to 3d exterior rendering cost as well. To minimize the cost of 3d architectural exterior rendering we apply white boxes or stock models of other buildings.


Pipeline of 3D exterior rendering services

  1. Before we start the work on your project, our project manager discusses with you all the details. He collects as much data as possible — facade texture, siding, downspouts, elements of decor, camera placement, light, atmosphere, etc.
  2. On getting all the required information, our 3d artists start their work. At this stage, we discuss the number of revision rounds.
  3. First, you’ll get a clay render — white material preview of your exterior rendering without texture and color.
  4. On getting the first corrections from you and on making all necessary changes, we provide first color images of 1600px.
  5. Then you make adjustments in exterior rendering that can differ a maximum of 20% of the image you get. You should be precise in your wishes so that we wouldn’t need to make huge changes.
  6. We make the second color session of changes to appeal to your exact needs.
  7. You get final high-quality 5000px exterior renders!

Above we described our standard process of workflow. Each partner chooses by himself how many revision rounds he wants. All additional sessions are to be charged extra. We are always ready to meet the client’s needs in his exterior rendering vision.

If you have any questions about 3D exterior visualization, you can ask us. Please fill the form or send email to info@omegarender.studio.

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